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    Why do hockey jerseys have laces nowadays?

    Hockey jerseys have been traditionally made with laces since the early 1800s, however in the late 1970s, jerseys with a zipper in front were introduced. Although the zipper jerseys provided more comfort and convenience to players, laces have remained a popular choice for hockey jerseys. Laces provide a tighter fit, adding protection to the player's body, as well as a more traditional look. Additionally, laces may give the player more control over the fit and feel of the jersey. Keywords: Hockey, Jersey, Laces, Zipper, Comfort, Protection.

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    The EWHC develops female players via exceptional coaching, well-designed practices and competitive situations while providing opportunities for players to advance their hockey careers to the collegiate level. The EWHC also promotes good sportsmanship and teamwork, and help instill responsibility in the participating players, who will be held to high standards on the ice and in the classroom. The league demands a high level of ethical and professional conduct by all coaches, managers and other league staff. League-wide standards of conduct are strictly enforced.

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